If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday, look elsewhere. We’re a hard core fishing operation with one goal in mind: To find, hook and land the biggest tarpon and snook swimming these jungle waters.

Coffee will be ready at four-thirty. Breakfast soon after that. Your guide will crank up the engine around five and you’ll leave the dock in the dark. When you arrive at the first spot, the jungle will be waking up. You might need an extra cup of coffee to do the same. Unless a couple of big tarpon break the silence by jumping five-six feet free of the water, herding mullets up against the bank before smashing them to pieces. That usually gets our anglers fired up pretty good.

At noon you will be back at the lodge for a well-deserved siesta. Enjoy a nice lunch, rig up a new leader, tell fish stories, grab a shower or take a nap in the hammock – whatever you do, just take it easy. Because somewhere around two-thirty in the afternoon, it’s time to hit the water again.

Fishing ends between six and six-thirty. If you, or your boat partner, is hooked up to big tarpon delays can occur. If not, you should be back at the lodge, enjoying a cold one, before seven. Dinner is served around seven-thirty and unless there is a very special catch to celebrate, everyone is in bed before nine. Recharging their batteries for another day’s rumble in the jungle.


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